Prayer Team

Team Leader: Greg Barrette

The Prayer Team functions more behind the scenes and are not visible in the normal church activities.  This team is committed to daily prayer.

They pray daily for the names which have been placed in Unity Northwest prayer box which is located in our lobby. The Prayer Team prays for these requests for 30 days.  After the 30 days, the prayer requests are sent to Silent Unity at Unity headquarters outside of Kansas City, Missouri.  Silent Unity also prays for them another 30 days.  

The Prayer Team also coordinates and leads Unity Northwest participation in Unity’s World Day of Prayer. This occurs annually the second week in September.  There is always a service on that Wednesday to kick off the World Day of Prayer.  Then members of the church as well as the Prayer Team members participate in 24 hour period of prayer.  It is always powerful and transforming! 

To join this group you must have taken a class about prayer taught at a Unity center.  Brief training is provided.

Another absolutely wonderful way to serve God and your church!

For more information about a team/s or to become a member of a team/s call the church office (847-297-0997).