"Weekly Silent Meditation Service"

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A Silent Meditation Service is held by Unity Northwest, 259 East Central Road, Des Plaines, at 6:00pm every Tuesday.  It is led by Gregory Barrette, minister of Unity Northwest..

“Spending forty five minutes in meditation can make a powerful impact on your well-being and quality of life,” said Greg Barrette.  “There is no single better tool for spiritual growth and personal well being than meditation.  Being supported by a group makes meditation much easier.  Numerous studies by research labs at major universities have confirmed the effectiveness of meditation to heal and reduce stress. We have witnessed healings of mind, body and circumstances that can be attributed to this group practice.”

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this Silent Meditation Service, please call 847-297-099

“A Simple Reverent Prayer Circle”

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Each Sunday at 10:20 am
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister

"This Simple, Reverent Prayer Circle will give participants an opportunity to spontaneously speak aloud our heartfelt prayers for other people in our lives.  By supporting each other in prayer, we will each experience the power of healing that Jesus claimed would happen when 'two or three are gathered'" said Greg Barrette. "This will be an easy, natural and unrehearsed gathering of healing hearts in prayer, and will be about fifteen minutes in duration."

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this event, please call 847-297-0997

“Spiritual Intelligence: the 21 Skills for SQ”

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Thursday, July 20, 2017
7:00 pm
Facilitated by: Jim Ware

Based on the book by Cindy Wigglesworth, Spiritual Intelligence, this class defines spirituality as “the innate human need to connect with something larger than ourselves.” The class opens with an exercise in which all participants will address these two questions:

1. Who are the spiritual leaders/teachers you have admired in your life?
2. What are the character traits that caused you to admire these people?

The consistency of the responses from this exercise suggests that we already have a general perception of what makes someone “spiritually intelligent.” What we do not yet have is a way of describing Spiritual Intelligence that is faith-neutral and specifically focused on the skills and abilities we are trying to attain when we seek spiritual growth.

We define Spiritual Intelligence as “the ability to behave with Compassion and Wisdom while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity) regardless of the circumstances.” Compassion and Wisdom together form the manifestation of Love. “Behave” is important because it focuses on how well we maintain our center, stay calm, and actually treat others with compassion and wisdom. The statement of “regardless of the circumstances” shows that we can maintain our peaceful center and loving behaviors even under great stress. This is what we admire in our spiritual leaders. The class will include a handout showing the 21 skills and describing the path for growth. Length 90 minutes. We can have follow up classes if the attendees wish.

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this class, please call 847-297-0997

“How to Meditate”

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017
7:00 pm
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister

“This workshop will focus on the practices and methods of meditation that will move you deeper into the presence of your innermost Being," said Greg Barrette. “How can you make this contact with the divine? Where is 'the secret place of the most high' and how can you experience it in your times of meditation?”

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this class, please call 847-297-0997

“Forgiveness is an Inside Job”

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017
7:00 pm
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister

"In this seminar, we will learn--and most importantly--we will PRACTICE how to forgive when we really may not already know how to do it," said Greg Barrette. "Find out the five stages of real forgiveness and the seven myths that must be unlearned.  Most importantly, find out HOW to forgive when you don't know how.  I will share two proven methods that will work to move mountains of stuck, unforgiven energy. We will do this work together."

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this class, please call 847-297-0997

“Unity Northwest Annual Picnic”

Sunday, August 20, 2017
Right after the 2nd Service

Bring a side dish to pass — salads, desserts, bread or chips.

See Tracy Wooldridge or call the office to volunteer for cooking, setup or cleanup

Join us for the fun!
For more information, please call 847-297-0997

“Ten Misconceptions about Feeling Your Feelings”

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Thursday, August 24, 2017
7:00 pm
Facilitated by: Uma Girish

“No one likes to feel their feelings especially when those feelings bring up stuff we don’t want to look at” said Girish. “In this 90-minute workshop you’ll discover:
  • The Difference Between Emotions and Feelings
  • Why Your Emotions Are Not the Enemy
  • The Power of Positive and Negative Emotions
  • How Emotions Help us Navigate Our Experience

Learn about the importance of emotions and how they relate to your overall wellness, health and growth.”

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this class, please call 847-297-0997

“How to Let Things Go”

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
7:00 to 8:15 pm
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister

“If you could be anything, what would you be?” asked Greg Barrette. “Are you willing to go through the 'letting go' process of getting there? In this workshop, I will share three proven methods of releasing fear and moving into faith.”

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this class, please call 847-297-0997

"Monday Morning Metaphysics"

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10:30 am to Noon
Facilitated by: Rev. Mary Beth Speer

Monday Morning Metaphysics will embark on a new book entitled
Working with the Law - 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living by Raymond Holliwell on Monday, August 7th at 10:30am.

Working with the Law gives us a better understanding of how spiritual Laws serve us in our everyday life. It shows how God, working in our lives, is the Law, and this Law is explained clearly and definitely. To work with the Law is to live closer to God, for such living brings a better under­standing of our problems and shows us how to meet them. By continual­ly using the Law correctly, we grow in wisdom, and power and become masters of our circumstances. We learn the secret of success and thus are able to reach any goal that we may desire. Books are available in class or on line.
Monday Morning Metaphysics is a casual drop-in book study group, meeting Monday mornings from 10:30am to 12:00 noon.   There’s no “homework” or outside preparatory reading required, and is open to anyone.  A love-offering is accepted at each class. Rev. Mary Beth Speer facilitates.

For more information on this class, please call 847-297-0997